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Grands vins de Bourgogne  

  • terroir - meursault
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Plots Varieties Plants Year planted Area
Les Chaumes de Narvaux Chardonnay 161-49 1998 0.2901
Les Clous Chardonnay   1948 0.2793
Le Limozin Chardonnay   1967 0.0825
Les Criots Chardonnay   1936 0.1186
Les Crotots Chardonnay     0.0558

"Les Narvaux", with a south-east exposure, is on stony soil located on hard rock subsoil. This plot produces elegant and mineral wines. "Les Clous", located on shallow marl (30-40 cm) produces delicate, elegant and mineral wines. "Le Limozin" has beautiful sloping moderately deep land producing long and rich wines. "Les Criots" and "Les Crotots" are on very rich soil and produce generous, slightly buttery and fat wines.

Characteristics of the wine  :

The blending of the four plots brings together the qualities of the four soils, giving a balanced, racy, mineral wine with a great finish.

Meursault vilage vin