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Plots Varieties Plants Year
Le Tesson Chardonnay S04 et 161-49 1949 -1965 - 1976 0.8595

From its position on a magnificent plot, a constant slope from top to bottom with a depth of 40-50 cm, located to the east on a lava subsoil, this locality is one of the best located of the Meursault-villages. It is a continuation of the leading vintages, going back towards the north and on the same level curves as the best Meursault wines. Halfway up a slope, located on well balanced soil between clay and limestone, with few stones.

Characteristics of the wine :

These are wines with finesse and elegance, mineral, long in the mouth: the quintessence of the Meursault appellation. There is a complexity to this specific locality not found in the others.

Meursault Le Tesson