Jean philippe Fichet - Vin meursault
Grands vins de Bourgogne  


Jean-Philippe has always been close to the vineyards: he represents the third generation of winemakers in his family.

A meursault au coeur des vignes

In 1981, thanks to the handing over of one of his father's sharecropping agreements, he could create his own vineyard. The confidence of his father and of the owners allowed him to work on their premises with their equipment for three years. As a result he produced his first vintage at 20 years of age.

Three harvests later, in 1984, the acquisition of buildings at "Vieux Saint Christophe" allowed him to consider making and bottling his own wines in his own cellars.

Despair struck in 1991, however, as his lease came to term and the 4 hectares used since 1981 were taken over by one of the owners.

The seriousness of his work over 10 years earned him the trust of two new owners: a new perspective opened up! Four hectares of vines on Meursault and Auxey-Duresses took their place in his operation.


In 2000, with the premises becoming too small, he bought an old coaching inn at "le Creux du Coche".

2001 was the year of many challenges:
- Restoration work on the buildings
- Organisation of Saint Vincent Tournante
(St Vincent's day celebrations), responsible for the cellars
- Moving into the new winery

In 2002, he founded the limited-liability company SARL Jean-Philippe Fichet, allowing him to buy his owners' share of the grapes.

In 2006, in an effort to control the quality of his soil, Jean-Philippe decided to set up his own compost-making facility.

Today, he is convinced that it is only through extreme thoroughness that each of his wines can reflect its terroir.

He knows that respect is the guideline for each step of his work.

A meursault au coeur des vignes