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Auxey-Duresses Blanc   Auxey-Duresses Rouge

Auxey-Duresses, a village of 345 inhabitants, nestles in a small valley that runs from Meursault to Saint Romain. This village, located at the start of hills overlooked by wonderful grey cliffs, has a panoramic view that grips the heart. 500 metres from the village, the hamlet of Petit Auxey hangs on the hillside that is the source of many springs.

Auxey-Duresses has a large and beautiful vineyard that covers a large part of the two slopes on either side of the village, to the boundary with St. Romain. Thanks to the layout of the site, it is very well exposed and perfectly conditioned to produce quality wines.

The particularity of this locality is to produce white and red wines on each mountain. The vineyard yields more red wine but allows a range of elegant wines to be produced, red as well as white. This is one of the jewels of the Côte de Beaune amongst the lesser-known appellations, but which nevertheless retains a kind of wine specific to itself, well characterised, different from those of other Côte de Beaune localities.

Auxey-duresses, les parcelles



Auxey-Duresses Blanc
Auxey-Duresses Rouge