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The village of Meursault is recognizable from afar by the thin spire of the fifteenth century church's belfry that rises 53 metres above the ground, illustrating the elegance of its wines.

Next to it lies its fourteenth century town hall, formerly the keep of the castle destroyed by Louis XI in 1478.

The old city is surrounded by vineyards located at an altitude of 230 to 360 metres that cover a bounded area of 600 hectares at the foot of Mont Mélian.

The territory of Meursault is on the flank of a limestone massif, crossed only by the Ruisseau des Clous.

Meursault is located on Bathonian limestone veined with magnesian limestone.

The village appellation covers 316 ha.

Here the vineyard was first the work of monks. In 1098, the Duke of Burgundy offered a vineyard located in Meursault to the 21 monks of the new monastery at Cîteaux.

They are quite singular: both dry-buttery and rounded. Their characteristic flavours are honey, dried fruit and butter. The creamy side of a Meursault gives this mellow sensation on the palate.

There are also scents of hazelnuts, peaches, etc...


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